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Everyone Needs Help Sometimes

Fact: We all struggle with mental and behavioral health. 


Take some time to get help. We specialize in mental health therapy, medication management, and case management for struggling children to adults.


What Brings You In Today?

I'm seeking help

Let’s talk. Once we understand your needs, we can discuss treatment and insurance.

Sad on Couch

I have a referral

That’s great—let’s get them the help they need. We accept most insurance plans.

Job Interview

I’m looking for a job

You’re in luck! Path Wellness Solutions is hiring.

Find Mental Health Services Near you

We offer outpatient mental and behavioral health services. Click to find mental health services near you. Telehealth remote appointments are also available.

Behavioral Health & Medical Services


Behavioral Health

Assessment And Evaluation

Individual Therapy

Family Therapy

Case Management

Group Therapy

Medical Services

Psychiatric Support

Nursing Services

Medication Management

Medication Assessment

Care Coordination

Service Name

Partnership Opportunities

School-Based Services

Program Enhancement Services

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