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About Path Wellness Solutions

Path Behavioral Health

PATH Wellness Solutions is an organization that specializes in providing high quality, innovative behavioral health treatment via strength-based solutions and positive approaches to care.


Different from providers who only focus on one or two central services, PATH offers clients a full integrated system of care that removes potential obstacles to treatment by committing to a policy of zero barrier care.


This allows clients to access a full continuum of care options that are specifically designed to meet all of their individual treatment needs.


  • Behavioral Health Services

  • Medical Services

  • Integrated Services

  • Telehealth Appointments Available





PATH is an acronym for Positive Advocates Teaching and Helping. We felt it was important to choose a name that put positivity first as we believe seeing themselves in a positive light is crucial to our client’s success.


We also intentionally choose the term “advocates” for our employees because advocates are defined by the support they provide. Our team is happy to serve in support of your success!





PATH is primarily funded through state Medicaid funding and income sensitive payment models. Although each state may have a different name for the programs that manage Medicaid funds, PATH accepts funding from all agencies that manage and distribute Medicaid payments. In cases where Medicaid funding is not an option, PATH is happy to enter into a fee for service arrangement with individuals that reflects your individual ability to pay for services.



Zero barriers to care dictates that we do not limit the ages that we serve. It is noteworthy that, in most cases, we do not provide services for children younger than school aged as those children are often best served by early intervention specialists. However, we are very willing to provide assessment and evaluation services to anyone of any age. If we believe anyone, regardless of age, would be better served by another provider, we will make that recommendation and assist you in arranging for services that can best meet your needs.




This is a complex question with a wide range of answers. The answers can change based on factors such as; specific diagnosis, acuity and duration of symptoms, personal motivation and willingness to engage in services, personal support systems, the presence of both mental health and substance abuse issues (dual diagnosis), your personal goals for your care, etc.

It is also important to decide if you will be engaging in care from an illness removal perspective or a wellness promotion perspective. If, like going to a medical doctor, you are simply wanting to have negative symptoms eliminated or reduced, you will base your time with us according to the presence of those unpleasant symptoms. Once the symptoms are gone or reduced to manageable levels, you’re done. This can be a few weeks up to a year.


However, if you adopt a wellness promotion perspective, you will be focused on enhancing the positive aspects of your life, to make a good life even better, and to prevent future issues. Your goals will evolve over time but your focus is on building from one accomplishment to the next.


This approach may take more time as it is like exercising, but for your mental wellbeing instead of your physical. You may even begin care in an illness mindset and evolve over time to a focus on promoting wellness.


What is important is to note that regardless of your approach, you will always be in control of your own care. PATH will work collaboratively with you to develop personally meaningful treatment goals that focus on your individual needs.

You will also review your progress regularly to determine whether ongoing care is still the right choice for you.


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